ACSA Administrators Conference Minnesota

Clearly, global climate change has become the most profound challenge facing modern civilization. This year’s ACSA/CELA Administrators Conference in Minnesota provided both inspiration and information on how we, as academic leaders, can help our students, faculty, colleagues, and constituencies embrace more environmentally responsible ways of learning, teaching, operating, and practicing. Just as design provides the bridge between science-based knowledge and its practical application, our programs straddle the worlds of research and practice, and so we, as much as anyone in our institutions, hold the key to helping create a more sustainable future.

As we were riding down in the elevator at the Graves 601 hotel I thought to myself that this climate change stuff is really wearing down this years participants. Everyone was looking extremely tired. As I exited the elevator to met my dinner guests in the lobby they asked how it was riding in the same elevator as Ozzy Osbourne. Apparently last night was halloween and Ozzie was doing a show at the target center across the street!

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