New York: CSI's Top Ten Strategy Plays for 2017

10. Currency Alternatives: Yes we have been hearing much about Bitcoin, Linden Dollars, Litecoins, BerkShares, Equal Dollars, Ithaca Hours, Starbucks Stars, Amazon Coins, Sweat, Linden Dollars and Brownie Points. But 2017 surely be the break out year for these alternative types of currency. If you have not been listening, let me clue you in, currency is just a concept, it can be manipulated, it can be abused, but most importantly-it can be innovated! Governments have been manipulating currencies for hundreds of years. Just ask anyone over 50 years old from Argentina. Alternative forms of currency abound. Being pegged to one currency, many will say, is like owning one stock in your retirement account. Time to revisit your business model!

9. Augmented Reality: Helping your employees or customers SEE in new ways is all of the sudden available, to everyone, in the moment, on your cell phone. Its time has come. Think: Having your architect and engineer's plans (the detailed stuff behind the walls) tagged to a global positioning system and visible. Then when you can walk around your house with the iPhone strapped to your head-you can literally see through walls. Never again will you accidentally cut through that electrical conduit!

8. Hyper Speed- Lean Flat Agile: This has become the mantra of all startups. They realize that the most effective strategies involve speed. The ability to turn on a dime, is more important than almost every other strategy. The largest opportunities for innovation now takes play way up front, not at the product level but even before one is handed the problem. When this happens your job is to quickly develop new capabilities. This demands a lean-flat-agile organizational structure and dynamic capabilities.

7. The Big Blur: The blurring and intersection of life, work, social life, family. These things are no longer separate. Can that office in your home be considered a portion of your corporation? Are you and your employees working on weekends, answering emails and texts late at night, and are your best friends your colleagues at work? The separation between life and work has become a big blur. Companies that can artfully convert the Big Blur into a distinctive competencies will have a distinctive advantage.

6. A.I. Prep-Algorithms and more Algorithms. As William Gibson has stated "the future is already here, it's just not very evenly distributed". Artificial Intelligence is here. We must prepare the organization to leverage A.I. in everything we do.

5. Alignment - Customer and Employee Learning: If you can align these two it welds the relationship, the relationship then becomes sustainable.

4. Sporting Lifestyle = Competition: 2017 will be the year where a fans participation in professional sporting events take a serious decline. It is too orchestrated. The sporting lifestyle migrates to everyday life in the form of competition and competition enabling technology. Firm's need to harvest this need.

3. New New New: The old no longer cuts it. Baby boomers have too much baggage. Generation X is too small in mass. Millennials are poised to take control and are not interested in all that baggage called the past.

2. Exploiting on-trend: The networked creative class will have a distinctive advantage in 2017 as they will acutely be aware of trends and will be able to immediately exploit the opportunities trends enable.

1. Micro-Learning: The most important organizational learning will take place in 120 sec. video bites.

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