RHODE ISLAND: Office of Innovation - Studio Rhode

The Rhode Island Office of Innovation, in partnership with the Office of Library and Information Services, is launching a next generation library challenge. This challenge will provide all libraries in Rhode Island with a chance to learn how to use 21st century technology to solve community problems in the library. In addition, libraries will be invited to apply for an opportunity to build partnerships and develop a next generation digital community hub at their library. This competition, known as Studio Rhode, will serve as a model for how libraries can be transformed, through technology, to better support high needs communities in an increasingly digital world.

Working with the Rhode Island Office of Innovation and Apple Computer on transforming libraries in Rhode Island. Rhode Island has the potential to become the innovation hub for New England and a model for the rest of the country. Through partnerships with research institutions, government, and public/private sector entities, and capitalizing on Rhode Island’s unique size and geographic location, there is an opportunity to accelerate innovation in education, government, healthcare, and other sectors.

The Rhode Island Office of Innovation functions as the catalyst for accelerating innovations in Rhode Island and redesigning government to be more efficient and responsive to citizen needs. We create strategic public-private partnerships to accelerate innovation and develop an innovation agenda for the state. By breaking down traditional silos, cultivating partnerships and leveraging resources, the Office of Innovation serves as an aggregator, bringing together diverse stakeholders engaged in similar projects for maximum impact.

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