Catalyzing Newport

This organization rocks and should be a model for SMART cities around the country. A collaborative initiative with a Steering Committee of local and statewide humanities organizations facilitated by the Rhode Island Council for the Humanities and supported by the van Beuren Charitable Foundation, Catalyzing Newport utilizes a visiting scholars program that draws on extensive experience, national and international networks, and the creative excellence of established experts (known as “catalysts”) to engage local communities in meaningful exchanges. Over the next three years (starting in 2014), visiting catalysts will travel to Newport to apply their expertise during five-day residencies—which include Public Programs and intensive work with Local Action Teams—to address local and national challenges related to the Impact Areas outlined above. Catalyzing Newport offers a new vision for the city’s cultural sector, one that puts our renowned historical organizations, leaders, and cultural assets at the forefront of community conversations about Newport’s development and prosperity. Together, we will imagine a Newport whose future is rich in culture, civic life, and economic opportunities.

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