Social theory tells us that we are all social actors, acting on stage sets which organizations construct for us. Organizations construct these stage sets and roles to control behavior, thus ensuring that organizational goals and objectives are met. Think about what percentage of time you spend playing other peoples roles on conceptual stage sets constructed for you by organizations (family stage sets, religion stage sets, work stage sets, government stage sets......and the list goes on sports, clubs, sexual identity, transportation etc.). Think about what percentage of time your business or organization spends playing on conceptual stage sets constructed for you by other businesses or organizations. Most people spend over 95% of their time playing subservient roles in other peoples games. There is only one way out of this quagmire. Invent your own stage set and invite others to come and play. And play we must because the consumer no longer  wants to be sold to. The evolution of technology has disintermediated many 20th century businesses demanding new business models new cultures and and new aesthetics, all which take their cue from technology. In this post media era where we have so many tools at our disposal it is impossible or very silly to be stuck in one silo. 

The Center for Strategic Innovation is a rapidly innovation hub facilitator which helps organizations design and construct new conceptual stage sets for innovation and growth. The creation of new stage sets involves a deep understanding of popular culture and emerging culture (lifestyle, art, music, design, politics, sports etc.). Our tools for curation are at the intersection of STRATEGY, INNOVATION, and LEARNING (and the application of knowledge, learning and skills). Due to our unique mix of competencies, we not only facilitate the typical stuff (strategic planning, strategic management, strategy education, innovation education, retreat facilitation, and partnering), but also the much new and emerging stuff (linking spectacle curation with micro learning with branding & identity) which we believe creates true sustainable competitive advantage both in organizations and in community. At the CSI we firmly believe that unless you form a innovation/transformation fueled differentiated vision of the world in your customers eyes, you are predestined to compete in commodified red oceans. 

Strategy and innovation and learning are often considered polar opposites. Strategy is often viewed as the pursuit of a specific linear path conceptually defined through an orchestrated process which results in a carefully defined set of activities. Innovation is often viewed as a sensing and seizing design thinking activity requiring humans, organizations, and society to serendipitously pivot in new directions as information comes in and new markets are invented. Learning is often considered primarily an academic exercise. 
It is our view that these three viewpoints desperately need each other. STRATEGY without innovation leads to a micro managed rabbits hole of commodification. INNOVATION without strategy is self indulgent folly. Both with out LEARNING (action, praxis and practice) are unsustainable.
We believe that disciplined strategic management systems are key to achieving competitive advantage. Since 2009, we've been helping leaders streamline workflows and the processes required to deploy STRATEGY. Our mission is simple - deliver extraordinary people, processes and technologies to help our clients efficiently and effectively compete.
We are certified "Strategic Management Professionals" and a qualified education provider for the Association for Strategic Planning's "Strategic Management Professional" and "Strategic Planning Professional" certification program. We were a co-author of the ASP Strategic Management and Strategic Planning Body of Knowledge and have authored and coauthored numerous training guides and eLearning programs for the certification exam.


We believe INNOVATION exists in the boundaries between tradition silos. We also believe the boarders between these silos have blurred, many many new opportunities available. We thus like to work the in non-typical environments where the blur is most prominent. We have taught at some of the worlds top design schools, have much experience creating innovation hubs in community, and we are award winning practitioners of innovation.



We believe the best strategy and regional innovation hub platforms are only sustainable with constant knowledge refreshment, alignment and execution (practice). Education today is not a casual endeavor but a learned science. We are award winning experts in PRAXIS, the process by which a theory lesson or skill is executed.


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